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Newtown Custom Home Theater

About the basement:

Thirty feet of solid cement block foundation was cut out and replaced with double French doors and windows, allowing natural light to fill the new entertaining space. 

Steel support beams and columns were installed.  By moving the HVAC, water and gas lines into the soffit we were able to add significant height to the room.  The custom birch cabinetry was built on site to best fit the dimensions of the new space.  Our attention to detail shows in the careful alignment of the sconces and centering of outlets.


About the theater:

All speakers were custom built from scratch. 

The crossovers that filter the sound were hand build by Tadas. The speaker cases were carefully calculated to fit the requirements of the drivers. The driver components of the speakers are the same as those used by the world’s best brands –  Wilson Audio, Snell, Sonus Faber, Bang & Olufsen.  The cases were lined with special dampening acoustic foam, special attention being paid to the differing requirements of the case back and sides. The theater room was thoroughly prepped for its acoustical needs. All walls were soundproofed. Corners were slightly curved, allowing a  smooth flow of sound through the space Carefully considered amplifiers and sound processors complement these custom speakers and complete the sound experience. The entire acoustic system was set up by Tadas himself. The sound is superb and very clean, with zero distortion even at high volume.

Bring us your design challenge.  We will build any speakers, such a floor standers, bookshelf, or built-in with any surface even in marble.


Playful textures in New Hope PA

Full basement finishing from drawings to paint

Handmade tile mosaic

Free stand stove with remote control

In-wall speakers