• What I remember most about the construction of our basement level is all the preparation work that Tad did before the finishing work. The builder left pipes and various duct work all over the place and jutting out at odd angles. After the carpenters came through to frame the rooms, Tad spent hours measuring, remeasuring, adjusting angles and most importantly redirecting and hiding pipes and ducts. This resulted in ceiling spaces that are clean and crisp. He exceeded our expectations. He also suggested that we make the ceiling at the foot of the steps a ‘focal area’ by building in some special moldings and installing paintable wall paper to give the ceiling there some texture. The kitchenette area came out beautifu too! Tad’s tile work is one of his very special skills, including designing in a textured niche above the sink, which really brings the room together. On the side, Tad loves to tinker with sound systems. He installed a surround sound speaker system for us that we love. If you have a basement space that you think you cannot finish because of how the builder laid it out or what the builder left behind, talk to Tad.

    Tim M.
  • Simply put I Love My New Master Bathroom! It’s contemporary and elegant as well as highly functional. The shower is the highlight of the room due to Tad’s creativity – he suggested we knock out a partial wall and make the shower the full length and he arched the ceiling giving the entire room a beautiful focal point. We could not find vanities that fit our taste or that would fit the scale of the room. Tad’s expertise and exceptional work ethic allows him to foster great craftsman partnerships. He brought a carpenter to us who hand designed and made the vanities and a new matching cabinet. They are absolutely beautiful. Tad’s expertise, work ethic and pain staking attention to detail gave me the master bath of my dreams!

  • We called TADAS to modernize our guest cottage. The carpeted floor was to be replaced by modern tiles. TADAS was impressively intelligent, innovative, swift, and, most importantly, very cooperative in completing the job. As suggested by TADAS, floor heating with a wall-mounted thermostat was quickly included in the new floor. All looked very beautiful in the end. His charge for the job was modest when compared to the amount of time and material he provided. Thank you, TADAS. We were very satisfied and would use TADAS again when a new job would occur.